How to Secure a USB Flash Drive

usb-drive-post-headerLast week, I had discussed how important it is to keep all of your important documents together.  They need to be stored safe, secure, and ready to grab and go on a moment’s notice.  In the event of an emergency, having your paperwork prepared in such a way could make the difference on how well you would be able to weather the disaster and how easily you would be able to recover.  Besides having paper copies of everything important, there are many scenarios when it would be very useful to have digital copies of everything stored as well.  This is where a secure USB flash drive comes in. Continue reading “How to Secure a USB Flash Drive”

Preparedness with Important Documents


According to a 2010 Consumer Reports National Research Center survey, only 40% of Americans could find their important documents at a moment’s notice if needed.   In addition, 25% of those surveyed had already lost some significant paperwork.1

What about you?  Where are your important documents?

This is one area of preparedness that should not be overlooked, and it is one of the most important types of preparations that you could make ahead of any disaster. Continue reading “Preparedness with Important Documents”

6 Reasons Why You Should Include Light Sticks In Your Preps


Halloween is about upon us, and along with costumes and pumpkin-flavored everything, light-sticks are for sale just about everywhere.  This is a good time of year to stock up on these things, but why should one do so to begin with?

Here are 6 reasons why: Continue reading “6 Reasons Why You Should Include Light Sticks In Your Preps”

Bug-out Bag Fail…

Last weekend, I had an eye-opening experience.  Without any notice, I found myself overnight in a hospital with a family member.  The next morning, (knowing I had my bug-out bag in my car,) I went to grab a fresh change of clothes, a toothbrush, etc.  Going through my bag, I came to realize I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was.  I had a toothbrush…but no toothpaste.

Now, I don’t believe this to be a big fail.  Indeed, if the apocalypse would have hit, I wouldn’t have really cared about not having any toothpaste in this bag…but here’s the realization that I had: The purpose of this bag was to be prepared for many kinds of emergencies…not just the TEOTWAWKI kind. Continue reading “Bug-out Bag Fail…”

Why You Should Know How to Program Your Own Radio…



Ham radio is amazing! I’m a very big advocate for it when it comes to emergency communications, and I am always very happy to see people investigate and jump into the hobby.

However, there are two related mistakes I often see new (and even not-so-new) hams make when planning to use amateur radio for emergency communications.

What are they, you ask? Continue reading “Why You Should Know How to Program Your Own Radio…”