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How to Survive Black Friday

This post is more tongue-in-cheek than anything, but in seriousness, people can get real stupid real fast on Black Friday.  Black Friday, if you are not aware of it, is an American phenomenon where thousands of deal-seekers amass into stores trying to score insane bargains, popular toys, and cheap TV’s.  It looks like this at its worst: Continue reading “How to Survive Black Friday”

Back-to-School Security

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Yes…it’s back to school time.

For many parents, this occasion can bring both sighs of relief or pangs of anxiety.

Although the anxiety can come from a variety of reasons, one common source of parental angst is based on concern over their child’s safety.  Sending children to school when there have been so many crazy stories about violence at or on the way to school can be unnerving.  However, one cannot shelter their children forever.  Sooner or later, children need to be equipped both physically and mentally to face whatever they may encounter.  Hopefully, they will experience far more good than bad, but just as we can’t totally control our own lives, we can’t totally control what they may face as well.

So what is a parent, grandparent, or guardian to do??? Continue reading “Back-to-School Security”

Gun Control ≠ A Safer Society

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A terrible event happened last weekend.  Forty-nine people were coldly murdered, and many others were wounded.  But what was the official government response?  What were the late-night talk show hosts promoting?  Gun control.

Let’s get something straight.  If you think gun control would prevent all such cases of terrorism, you are sadly mistaken.  The core of any horrible events such as the one that just happened was HATE…hate of an idea, hate of those different from themselves, hate of a certain religion (or lack thereof,) hate of a contentious issue, etc.  That’s the heart of the issue.  No amount of gun control will solve that one. Continue reading “Gun Control ≠ A Safer Society”

Just Some Thoughts on the 2nd Amendment

Just a few weeks ago, I joined the NRA.  The funny thing is in this is that I can’t say I pictured myself doing so just a few years ago…but times have changed.  The need to protect our rights to defend ourselves is real…and this need demands our actions to preserve them now.  In order to prevail in the current environment of brash emotional responses in favor of gun control, we must stand strong in civility and logic when making our cases to save our rights.  After all, the Constitution, statics, and lessons from history support the argument for the right to bear arms.  I have also written my lawmakers to let them know how I stand on this issue.  I urge you, if you agree, to do the same….