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The Road to Mastery is through Mistakes

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Did you ever put together the most awesome bug-out bag…only to find out there is no way you would carry that thing for more than a mile?  Have you ever tried to grow a garden with a “brown thumb?” Did you ever suck at starting a fire?  Have you ever tried to learn something new off of Pinterest…only to create the latest “Pinterest Fail?”

Any skill is a learning process.  Part of the process is invariably making a lot of mistakes.  Some are small to which little corrections can be made.  Others are monumental of such great magnitude that we question our sanity for attempting any such skill in the first place.

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Prepared? Or Paranoid?

Last week, I overheard a conversation between a shopkeeper and a customer. They acted as though they were somewhat familiar with one another as they were discussing the plans one of them had for the rest of the day. It went something like this:

“What are you doing later?”

“I’m working on my 72 hour kit.” (72 hour kit = bug out bag)

“Why would you do that?”

“I feel I should. I think it’s a good idea. Others say it’s a good idea too.”

“They‘re paranoid.”

I paraphrased their conversation, but it was not far from that. The doubter also made references to the “Doomsday Preppers” show and commented on how crazy he thought they were. Which brings us to the question…are preppers prepared…or paranoid?

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May I Suggest Obtaining a New Prepper Skill? A Sense of Humor

As I had suggested a few weeks ago, making a New Year’s resolution to obtain a new prepper skill is an excellent idea.

May I suggest a good skill to obtain?

Get a sense of humor (that is, if you don’t have one already…) Continue reading “May I Suggest Obtaining a New Prepper Skill? A Sense of Humor”

Need a New Skill for the New Year?

As mentioned in my post from last week, a new year presents a great opportunity to make some preparedness related goals.

One such goal you could make is to learn a new skill, or you can at least add to some of your current abilities.

Here are some examples:

  • Gardening: If you do not have these skills already, I would make learning this a priority. There are few skills which have as much importance for long term survival as this one does.
  • Water Procural and Purification: Again, for survival, if you do not have these skills, your survival may depend on you obtaining them.
  • First-Aid and Medical Skills: Just like obtaining water, knowing first-aid skills may mean the difference between life and death of either yourself or a loved one. Learning these skills should be a top priority.
  • Ham Radio: If you were interested in adding amateur radio to your emergency communication skills, here is a good post to help you get started. If you are already a ham, perhaps you may wish to increase your skills with adding radio email capabilities, creating mesh nets, or exploring digital modes.
  • Bushcraft Skills: There are many survival skills which fall under this category. I’m sure you could learn or expand some.
  • Orienteering: Are you good with a compass? Do you know how to find your way with or without one? Also, you may consider adding celestial navigation to your skill set.
  • Firearms and Security: How are your self-defense skills? If you need to acquire or strengthen these skills, you may want to consider doing so.
  • Canning and Food Preservation: These skills go hand-in-hand with gardening, hunting, and other skills. If you produce your own food, you will need a way to preserve it.
  • Blacksmithing: If you had this skill, you would have quite an advantage in a long-term survival or homesteading situation.

These are just a few of the many skills you could choose from to add to your current preps. By no means is this list exhaustive, or should it overwhelm you with so many options available. There is definitely a lot to learn. This list was presented to give you some ideas of what you could pursue during the New Year.

Enjoy your preps, and again, Happy New Year!

The Importance of Goals

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A goal not written down is just a wish…

I have personally found this saying to be true.

I have had many “goals” go unfulfilled throughout my life. I have let it happen enough times already that hopefully I have learned this lesson.

So in the spirit of setting goals for the upcoming New Year, I have taken some time to write down various goals related to preparedness. I have made some goals as varied as improving my family’s emcomm plan, expanding my garden, learning herbal healing skills, increasing our water storage, and improving my skills with firearms. If this sounds ambitious, this is only a sampling of what I plan to achieve in the New Year.

You may have the same goals, or you may have completely different ones. The only thing that matters is that you make a plan. Set some goals, and draw yourself a mental map. Here are some suggestions that may help: Continue reading “The Importance of Goals”