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Bug-out Bag Fail…

Last weekend, I had an eye-opening experience.  Without any notice, I found myself overnight in a hospital with a family member.  The next morning, (knowing I had my bug-out bag in my car,) I went to grab a fresh change of clothes, a toothbrush, etc.  Going through my bag, I came to realize I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was.  I had a toothbrush…but no toothpaste.

Now, I don’t believe this to be a big fail.  Indeed, if the apocalypse would have hit, I wouldn’t have really cared about not having any toothpaste in this bag…but here’s the realization that I had: The purpose of this bag was to be prepared for many kinds of emergencies…not just the TEOTWAWKI kind. Continue reading “Bug-out Bag Fail…”

An Example of a Disaster: The Flooding in Louisiana

I have often heard it said by some that preppers are paranoid fanatics who always think the sky is falling.  It is only after these skeptics experience some kind of terrible emergency that they change their tune.

The recent flooding in Louisiana is an unfortunate example of this kind of experience.

I feel sadness for those in Baton Rouge and the surrounding communities in Louisiana who have suffered so much from the recent flooding.  There have been at least 13 lives lost and up to 110,000 homes damaged or destroyed.1  That accounts for roughly 31% of the homes in that community.  Surely, the need is great.  There are many people, charities, and so forth that are helping, but those affected need so much more. This all serves as an illustration for the need of personal and community preparedness.  One never knows when a disaster may strike, and I’m sure many in Louisiana were caught unprepared.  To see just how bad the flooding was, just take a look at the videos below. Continue reading “An Example of a Disaster: The Flooding in Louisiana”

Where Are Your References?

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We all need information. We depend on directions to get places, we use recipes when we cook, we follow instructions on how to make things, we use guidelines on how to operate equipment, etc. and etc.

We all need help in solving problems from time to time at home, in the garden, in our chicken coops, in the backcountry, and so on and so forth.

We need LOTS of information.

How do you get your information?

  • Friends and Family?
  • Experts you know?
  • TV?
  • Books?
  • On-line videos?
  • Websites?
  • Internet forums?

Carefully think through what sources you turn to when you need information.

Very few people have photographic memories.  That leaves the rest of us scouring available information sources to get the answers we need.   The problems come in when those information sources we depend upon suddenly become unavailable.  What then? Continue reading “Where Are Your References?”

How to Deal with Burnout…

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Dealing with Burnout?

I think everyone feels burned out from time to time no matter how knowledgeable or experienced they may be.  What makes the difference is how they handle it.  This is especially true with prepping.  There is just only so much that one can take on at a time, and there is a lot to learn.  Trying to acquire several new skills at once can get exhausting, and it is very easy to become completely overwhelmed.

So what should you do?

Continue reading “How to Deal with Burnout…”

The Value of Community

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This weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in a small community preparedness fair.  It included a good number of booths all specializing in some given topic related to personal and family emergency preparedness.  The topics ranged from financial preparedness to animal husbandry to emergency communications.  All had worthwhile and vital information.  The most important thing that I learned from this event, though, was this: the value of community. Continue reading “The Value of Community”