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Why You Should Only Use Non-GMO Seeds for Your Survival or Homestead Gardens…

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It is that time of year to start planning your gardens. I’m guessing many of you are already plowing through seed catalogs and browsing websites trying to determine what you will plan to grow this year.

So…you probably have heard the term Non-GMO by now…but what does it really mean? Furthermore, why should it matter? Continue reading “Why You Should Only Use Non-GMO Seeds for Your Survival or Homestead Gardens…”

How to Build Your Own Materia Medica

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If acquiring herbal knowledge is a part of your preps, you may want to consider putting together your own materia medica.

First of all…what exactly does “materia medica” mean?

Materia medica is best described as an herbal encyclopedia. They have been complied since ancient times in many different cultures around the globe, and modern ones continue to be made today. A materia medica can take many different forms such as a dedicated herbal journal, a spiral-bound notebook, a card deck, a website, a book, or whatever written form you may wish to utilize. It is a collection of medicinal herbal knowledge put together for your own use. What you choose to record is ultimately up to you, but in general, some of following information is usually found: Continue reading “How to Build Your Own Materia Medica”

Good Green Things…

Good green things start small.

Gardening is one of the most essential of survival skills, but if you are thinking that all you need to do is to stick some seeds into the ground and pour water on the dirt, you are not likely to get the bounty you are hoping for.  The truth is, as anyone with this kind of experience will tell you, it’s a learned skill.

So if you hope to have food around for the long term after the zombies have come and gone, the only reliable option is to learn to grow food now…as in TODAY.

If you are blessed with enough land to grow a garden, then do it!  If you don’t have space in abundance, then you can start as I did….by growing food indoors in pots.  Doing this will at least put you in a position where you can  begin to learn the skills necessary to plant, grow, and harvest your own food…well before you would find yourself in dire need.

One easy way to begin is herb gardening.  If you have a window sill with sunlight, you have the space to grow them. Continue reading “Good Green Things…”