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Organic Pest Control

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Recently, I have been researching methods of sustainable, organic pest control.  I have already had “unwelcome visitors” invade my garden this year, and that had me wondering about what options were available.

For one, I prefer organic pest control methods over chemical pesticides for health reasons, but my greater concern is learning methods that would be self-sustainable.  That is, I want to learn how to control garden pests in a self-sufficient manner since going to the store to pick up a solution may not always be a possibility. Continue reading “Organic Pest Control”

The Benefits of Sprouting

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Sick of winter?

Are you staring longingly at your garden?

Do you wish to grow and eat something fresh now?

If so, have you tried spouting?

Sprouting is one of the easiest preparedness techniques you could do. It does not require much. It doesn’t require a lot of time either. In fact, if you were to start growing sprouts today, you could have some fresh greens to eat in just a few days. For the very reason that you can grow vitamin-rich foods so quickly makes sprouting a very important prepping skill. I even hesitate to call it a “skill”…because it is soooooo easy to do! Anyone…yes…ANYONE…can do it.

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A Cheap Tip for Starting Seeds

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There are many reasons why someone would wish to start their seeds growing before being planted in the garden. Many wish to extend their growing seasons. Others wish to ensure their seeds are indeed viable before they take up precious space in their gardens. In addition, other gardeners like to start seeds indoors just for personal enjoyment. These reasons are just a few of many, but they all have in common the ability to be involved with the whole growing process from start to finish.

Thankfully, starting seeds doesn’t need to be an expensive pursuit. I thought I would share a cheap tip that I am trying this year. Continue reading “A Cheap Tip for Starting Seeds”

Plant Zone Maps

If you garden, (and you should if you wish to live a prepping lifestyle,) then you will need to be aware of the ideal planting guidelines for your area.

Many of these general guidelines are based on the average temperatures experienced in your area and especially on the minimum temperatures that could occur at your location during the year. These temperatures, of course, determine how long your growing season would be and how hardy your plants should be to grow in your garden. One way of doing this is to be aware of your location on a plant zone map.

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The Benefits of Growing Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is one of the most widely recognized of all medicinal plants. Store shelves are stocked with countless products which make use of it. Gels, juices, lotions, facial creams, and so on tout its benefits. As for myself, I make it a priority to have some form of aloe vera on hand for first-aid.

Are you familiar with aloe vera? You probably are, but if not, let me introduce you…

It is a plant that has been used for thousands of years. Its origins are lost to history since it has been so widely used and distributed, but it appears that it had originated in either North Africa or in the southern half of the Arabian Peninsula. As mentioned, it has been widely cultivated throughout the world, and that remains to be the case today.

Aloe vera is a succulent. That is, it is a plant that is best suited for dry, hot climates. Aloe vera is about 97% water1, so it is unable to handle a freeze without being damaged. Therefore, unless you live where the temperature never falls below freezing, it is best to keep it as a container houseplant. Thankfully, it is very easy to grow, so there is no reason why you should not have aloe vera in a window sill somewhere.

Why should you grow aloe vera?

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