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Why Should You Learn Canning?

Canning HeaderSeptember…it is that time of year. It is the time of year when gardens are (hopefully) yielding a bountiful harvest. It is the time of year when local farmers’ markets are buzzing with of all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also the time of year when you see end caps in stores piled high with glass jars, lids, and other canning goodies. Yep, September is a prime month for canning.

Do you can?

There are many skills which are associated with “old-timers.” Canning is one of them. Since modern-day society has provided us with super-sized grocery stores, fast food, and instant gratification, many people just don’t see the need for this skill anymore. But they are wrong. When you look closer, canning is as just as relevant today as it was generations ago…perhaps more so. If you have canned food before, then you are already aware of its many benefits. If you haven’t, I would suggest you learn this valuable preparedness skill.

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An Aerosol Alternative…

There are some modern-day conveniences that many of us would like to transfer into some form that is more self-sufficient and natural. This is especially true when it comes to food storage, preparation, and preservation.

One example is cooking spray. No doubt it is convenient, but I definitely wouldn’t label it as “self-sufficient” or “natural.” As far as I know, cans of cooking spray do not appear without the help of multiple factories, which is not exactly something that I could depend on to be around after TEOTWAWKI.

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Product Review: Red Feather Butter

Red Feather Header

Do you store butter?

Fats are one of the essentials to store in a long-term food storage plan. Examples of different kinds of fats to store would be oils, shortening, lard, nut butters, mayonnaise, and, of course, butter. It is necessary to store fats, but the logistics of that are not so easy. This is because fats usually go bad…fast…when compared to other food storage basics.

So filling out one’s food storage plan can be a little challenging here. I’ll admit…one of the food storage mistakes I have made was that I once tried to store a year’s supply of fats without rotating them into regular use. You guessed it…one smelly waste of money.  So I changed my approach on how I store fats, and so far it seems to be working. Now, I try to generally store that which I know I will use and regularly rotate.

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Something to Store Butter without Power…

Butter Crocks TitleI am always on the lookout for things that would be useful if the power went out. This goes especially for things that make use of alternative means of energy, or better yet, are not dependent upon any external power sources at all. Examples are solar ovens, hand-crank radios, and manual grain mills. Here is one which you may, (or may not,) have heard of…butter crocks. Continue reading “Something to Store Butter without Power…”

Happy Pi Day!

Pi Day headerIn celebration of March 14, 2015, (3-14-15,) I thought I would share a recipe for a pie crust made from long-term food storage staples. Just as I stated last week, I believe it is important to gather and store recipes in written form as part of your prepper library. This recipe is for a basic pastry pie crust made from freshly ground whole wheat. So to help you celebrate pi day, here you go: Continue reading “Happy Pi Day!”