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Outdoor Cooking Skills


One set of skills you will definitely need for survival is knowing how to use alternative ways to cook food without power.

Do you have any means to do so?  Do you know how?  Furthermore, do you have what you would need?

If the power goes out, what is your plan?

Thankfully, there are several ways you can cook your food without electricity.  Your job is to make sure that you have the means (and the skills) to apply several of these methods if you were ever to face this need.

There are many methods available.  Some use expensive specialty stoves.  Others use units which you can make at home for a small cost.  Some use certain unique fuels, while others use free accessible energy.  The options are wide, and many people have their own personal preferences on which to use.

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A Good Find…

A few weeks ago, I was passing some time rummaging around a thrift store when I came across a good find.

What was it?

It was just an old cookbook.

Why was it such a good find?

In it, I found all kinds of recipes for cooking things such as basic breads, different kinds of game, and other recipes that could really be useful in a grid-down or homesteading situation.  Many of these recipes are somewhat lost for most people now, and many are not typically found in today’s cookbooks since most people just buy their basic foods at the store.

However, just as I said in my post last week, one who wishes to be prepared should not always count on being able to go to the market.  Ideally, one should make the effort to gather basic recipes now when it is much easier to do so rather than waiting for a disastrous event to occur.  Collecting old cookbooks can be a great way to start.  They can be found just about everywhere, and they can be purchased for dirt cheap.  (I think I only paid a dollar for mine.)

In any case, old cookbooks can be another resource you may wish to add to your prepper library.

Now is the time since it’s possible that you may not have the time to prepare later.

Some Things to Consider When Planning Your Food Storage…

colorful food in bags

I love looking at online recipes, picture-perfect Pins, and colorful cookbooks.  The meal ideas I get from gawking at food seem to be endless.  However, there is one disadvantage to most of these recipes when it comes to preparedness…

What would that be?

It’s that most recipes found online and in cookbooks require ingredients that may be hard (or even impossible!) to find in a long-term emergency.

If you are truly seeking to be self-sufficient, you must either collect simpler recipes for what you would want to eat, or plan to store, grow, or produce what ingredients you would hope to be able to use.

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7 Tips for Prepping for Special Diets – Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free

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Special thanks to guest contributor, Dawn Hutchins (from for this post!

Intro from Dawn: I’m so honored to have the opportunity to write this blog post for my friend, The Petite Prepper. She’s an incredible resource for anyone interested in being prepared for emergency situations and frankly, that should be all of us. I’ve learned everything from gardening tips, to the best radios, to emergency first aid.

Today I’ll share my best tips on prepping for a special diet, such as vegan, vegetarian or gluten free.


I once read that you can’t survive an emergency eating only a vegetarian or vegan diet. You simply can’t get enough protein. This is absolutely untrue – if you’re prepared. If you’ve got allergies, can’t digest animal foods or don’t want to store meat or hunt, I’ve got you covered!


#1 Purchase a variety of grains and beans Continue reading “7 Tips for Prepping for Special Diets – Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free”

Another Easy Canning Recipe: Cranberry Orange Sauce

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The holidays are upon us, (YAY!) so I thought I would share another canning recipe. Besides being a traditional dish for holiday meals, this sauce tastes great with crackers or as a spread on turkey sandwiches. It’s easy, and it only requires a few ingredients. Continue reading “Another Easy Canning Recipe: Cranberry Orange Sauce”