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An EDC First-Aid Kit

What do you carry in your EDC?

It’s not the same answer for everyone. What one person carries may or may not be necessary or even desirable for the next person.

As for me, part of my EDC is a small, compact first-aid kit. If you geek out on first-aid kit ideas as I do, you may find this list beneficial. If anything, you may find something you may not have thought of before that you may want to consider to include in your EDC. Continue reading “An EDC First-Aid Kit”

The Power of Herbal Know-How

Herbal Know-How HeaderDuring the past week, I have decided on a goal to obtain an education from an herbal school. I want to be able to proficiently know how to identify, grow, and (most importantly) use medicinal herbs. Now, I know a formal herbal education isn’t for everyone, or maybe even not for most people, but there are some very good reasons why every prepper should obtain and keep some kind of working knowledge of herbs.


Herbal knowledge has been around for thousands of years. Before conventional medicine was commonplace, most folks would rely on the power found in certain plants to help treat and heal different kinds of ailments and injuries. Back then, it was necessary knowledge. There weren’t several drug stores around the corner like there are now. Instead, people would learn how to identify a variety of wild plants and learn for what uses they were most effective. If certain plants were found to be especially beneficial, our ancestors would then make the effort to grow and cultivate such herbs to ensure that they would have them around in time of need. For many centuries, different cultures around the world had built up a vast working knowledge of herbs. Many historical writings on medicinal plants have been compiled on the subject, and there have been many traditions that have been passed down. This great accumulation of herbal know-how can benefit us today.

There are several reasons why the prepper should acquire some of this knowledge.

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Have You Checked Your First-Aid Kits?

First-Aid HeaderThis week, I have spent some time going through my first-aid kits. I have learned through experience that if you don’t go through your first-aid supplies every so often, you may end up with a mess. Several years ago, I once opened one of my kits and found that something went bad, had deteriorated the packaging, and then spoiled everything that was around it. That wasn’t a good surprise, especially since I put a lot of time and money into making those kits.

I imagine many of you have put significant time and resources into your kits as well.

So, why should you routinely check your first-aid kits? Continue reading “Have You Checked Your First-Aid Kits?”