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ITU Alphabet Bookmarks

I’ve neglected you all for far too long…

It’s been awhile since I posted last.  (Bad petite…BAAAAD petite…)  Truth be told, my real life took precedence over my virtual one.

Anyway…in the interest of bringing you some new content to ponder, it’s back to business…

In my exploits into emergency communications, I find that having references on hand helps me tremendously.  I simply just can’t remember everything all of the time.  Just…can’t…do…it.

So I make references for myself to have on hand if and when my brain decides to have a blank moment…which seems to happen more often as I get older. (*sigh*)

Here is one of those references.  It is a bookmark displaying the ITU alphabet.  Feel free to print a copy.  You may print as many as you would like.  The only thing I ask is that you do not make a profit off of these.  Fair enough, right?

Enjoy…and 73’s


Do You Have the “Right Antenna” for the Job?

This has been on my mind a lot lately.

It may be because I’m in the process of building a few.

It is also because it has come into real sharp focus for me lately.   It’s an important lesson to learn: Without the proper gear, you may not get the job done.  Although that’s true with many aspects of preparedness, it happens to be very true with emergency communications.  Yes, skill matters more, but all the skills in the world will not compensate for the wrong gear for the job in many situations.  You may be the best informational communicator out there…but that means nothing if no one can hear you.

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Why You Should Know How to Program Your Own Radio…



Ham radio is amazing! I’m a very big advocate for it when it comes to emergency communications, and I am always very happy to see people investigate and jump into the hobby.

However, there are two related mistakes I often see new (and even not-so-new) hams make when planning to use amateur radio for emergency communications.

What are they, you ask? Continue reading “Why You Should Know How to Program Your Own Radio…”

Heads Up!!! Are You Trying to Program that Baofeng of Yours???

Have you heard of CHIRP?  It is an open-source software which is designed to be used for amateur radio.  I have used it to program my Baofeng UV-5R, and in doing so, I had saved a lot of time and effort.   (Programming directly with the radio is possible, but in my opinion, it’s a bit of a chore.)  Besides Baofeng radios, CHIRP can be used to program many makes and models of other ham radios out there. (Go here for the website and the complete list of supported radios.)

I can say firsthand that CHIRP is very useful in programming your radio, especially if you have a large number of desired repeater listings as I have.  I have to say, though, the software does take a little to get used to in using it.

Thankfully, the ARRL is hosting a FREE webinar on CHIRP.  The webinar will discuss accessing, using, and troubleshooting the software.   It will be held on Wednesday, October 19th at 8:00 pm EDT (Thursday, October 20th, 00:00 UTC.) For more information and to register, click here to access the website directly.


Emergency Communications Plan Worksheets

(If you wish to scroll down directly to the worksheets, feel free to do so.)

Do you have an emergency communications plan in place?

If not, I highly suggest you make it a priority to create one.

If you already have one, I applaud you.  However, it is always wise to give your plans a second look…just to be sure they are adequate for any emergency.

In any case, there are several things that any emergency communications plan should account for: Continue reading “Emergency Communications Plan Worksheets”