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Recently, I have been researching methods of sustainable, organic pest control.  I have already had “unwelcome visitors” invade my garden this year, and that had me wondering about what options were available.

For one, I prefer organic pest control methods over chemical pesticides for health reasons, but my greater concern is learning methods that would be self-sustainable.  That is, I want to learn how to control garden pests in a self-sufficient manner since going to the store to pick up a solution may not always be a possibility.

So what do you recommend?  Any thoughts?

Well, Mother Earth News did a survey back in 2011.  They surveyed their readers about what were their experiences with different organic pest control methods and which had the best results.  In interest of not re-inventing the wheel, here is a link to the results of that survey.  What I find to be the most helpful thing about this survey is being able to note the percentages of respondents who had successes with one form of pest control over another.  Methods such as crop rotation, oils, diatomaceous earth, and letting your chickens do the work are among those that are discussed.  This article also has a list of what pests are the most common in different areas of the U.S., which I also found to be helpful.

Another good idea I found was on  This article had the suggestion of making your own sticky traps.  In this guide, it gives instructions on creating your own traps out of any rigid material, painting them certain colors to attract specific pests, and then covering them with a sticky substance meant to trap the insects intended.  It also had a list of which colors work best with certain insects.  I don’t know first-hand if this works, but I think I will give it a try.

And you?  Do you try to control pests organically? What about sustainable pest control? If so, what do you recommend?

I’m all ears…(my plants will thank you too!)


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