How to Deal with Burnout…

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Dealing with Burnout?

I think everyone feels burned out from time to time no matter how knowledgeable or experienced they may be.  What makes the difference is how they handle it.  This is especially true with prepping.  There is just only so much that one can take on at a time, and there is a lot to learn.  Trying to acquire several new skills at once can get exhausting, and it is very easy to become completely overwhelmed.

So what should you do?

The answer may be different for everyone.  What you need to ask yourself is what would motivate you the most to carry on.  That should be the first step in trying to get past burnout…

Ask yourself “Why am I prepping?”

As you answer this question, you can remind yourself of why you became interested in preparedness to begin with.  This question can also serve in redirecting your efforts.  Perhaps you are spending too much time on learning one skill when you had originally intended on focusing on another? Perhaps you are just trying to do too much at one time? As you think about this, you should also take this opportunity to reexamine your priorities.  Obviously, we prepare to survive short-term and long-term emergencies, and survival is built on the basics: food, water, shelter, etc.  If you find yourself short on time, energy, and/or resources, begin prepping with the essentials first and then build from there.  This would be especially true if you are spending a lot of time and energy on learning something not as necessary to survival if you do not have your basics covered.  Try to work on your essential needs first before tackling more ambitious prepping skills.


Perhaps you have greater expectations of your preparations than needed.  No…you don’t have to start prepping with gourmet food storage.  No…your hen house does not need to look like a Pinterest picture-perfect photo.  No…you don’t need to have perfect abs….and no…you don’t need to have the expectation of yourself that you will be the next survival reality TV host.  Ask yourself again why are you prepping and what you are preparing for and begin there.  Most of us will never become “Captain Tactical.”  No…no, you won’t.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t set high goals…you definitely should.  Just be realistic.  You will most definitely burn out and quit if your expectations are set too high to realistically reach.

Try something different.

Maybe you are just bored of doing the same things all the time.  In this case, try to obtain a new skill.  Learn something new. Try to keep your interest in prepping fresh with another aspect of preparedness.  Sometimes, this is all that is needed to overcome burnout.

Keep at it.

As I said before, I believe burnout happens to everyone at one time or another.  The trick here is to just keep doing what you are doing.  Keep prepping.  Everyone plateaus.  As long as you keep persisting, you will be re-inspired sooner or later.  Preparedness is built on learning and maintaining certain skills and resources. If you feel burned out, just continue to do it.

Usually, the feeling of burnout will pass.  If not, try again to reexamine what you are doing.  Perhaps some things can be shelved for a while.  Maybe you need to shift your focus.  Maybe you bit off more than you can chew, and you need to simplify for a time.  In any case, try to remember the reasons why you wanted to prepare in the first place.  Emergencies can and do happen. You may feel burned out now, but you would be very thankful for any preparations you had made beforehand.  All in all…just keep prepping. 🙂


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