The Road to Mastery is through Mistakes

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Did you ever put together the most awesome bug-out bag…only to find out there is no way you would carry that thing for more than a mile?  Have you ever tried to grow a garden with a “brown thumb?” Did you ever suck at starting a fire?  Have you ever tried to learn something new off of Pinterest…only to create the latest “Pinterest Fail?”

Any skill is a learning process.  Part of the process is invariably making a lot of mistakes.  Some are small to which little corrections can be made.  Others are monumental of such great magnitude that we question our sanity for attempting any such skill in the first place.

As worn-out as this phrase may sound, the important thing to remember is to not give up.

Easier said than done for sure, but it’s true.

Many of the skills that we try to acquire in order to prepare for whatever may come are indeed involved and time-intensive.  Many require years to master.  That is precisely why it is important to try to learn them now…while our lives do not necessarily depend on them.

Take gardening for instance…

Gardening is a vital skill which would be absolutely necessary to know if and when normal economic trade stopped functioning for any given reason.  How would you feed your family?  Sure, food storage would be life-saving in this scenario, but what about the long term?  What happens if your stores run out or go bad?  This is NOT the circumstances that you would want to find yourself in when attempting to garden for the first time.  Obviously, the stresses of such a scenario would be hard enough.  Now imagine adding to that the mistakes one would be bound to make when trying something new.  (This is what makes me shake my head when I read about those who store seeds for such an event but are not actively trying to grow anything in the meantime.)  Gardening is not easy thing to just pick up, folks…at least not for me…and for many other people…who try year after year to attempt to keep stuff alive that they will hopefully someday eat.

That is just one example.  Really, this sort of learning process applies to just about anything in prepping.  It is one thing to read about stuff online in prepping forums and to buy all kinds of sexy tactical gear, but it is quite another to know how to actually put that stuff into practice…especially in a stressful situation.  Mastery comes from making repeated mistakes.  Mistakes are made when actions are taken, but the biggest mistake of all is not taking any action whatsoever…hoping that the skills will magically appear when and if you may ever need them.

The road to mastery is through mistakes.  Let’s just all hope for more mastery…and less mistakes.


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  1. An interesting point. I was just listening to an APN broadcast and one of the gentleman was talking about all the people that have a BOB and have never taken it out and tried to carry it or use the equipment. I’m embarrassed to say I fall in that category. Every time I think, this is the weekend I’ll test my equipment, something comes up or I just don’t feel like it. Now is the time for me to figure out what I need and don’t need in the bag and to also get the stuff I forgot. I’m slowly learning how to garden. I can’t stress highly enough that it’s definitely a learning process. I’ve tried in-ground methods and making a pallet garden. In my area, the pests are so bad, I’ll have to make or buy a raised bed to combat the pests. This makes me think of the book the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy – about making small daily changes that amount to big, positive results. I think it definitely applies here.

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