An EDC First-Aid Kit

What do you carry in your EDC?

It’s not the same answer for everyone. What one person carries may or may not be necessary or even desirable for the next person.

As for me, part of my EDC is a small, compact first-aid kit. If you geek out on first-aid kit ideas as I do, you may find this list beneficial. If anything, you may find something you may not have thought of before that you may want to consider to include in your EDC.

First of all, everything fits in (or is attached to) a small black, tri-fold canvas case. The whole kit measures about 9 cm x 7.5 cm x 6 cm (at its thickest.) It also weighs only 0.32 ounces (9.07 grams.) It is small enough to fit into a briefcase, a purse, or even into a large pocket. It has become part of my EDC for so long that I don’t even think about it (unless I need it, of course, in which case I’m super happy to have it!)

Here is the list of what is included in my EDC first-aid kit:

EDC First Aid Kit

  • a small pocket-sized black canvas case with Velcro straps
  • a small vial with consecrated oil (for religious blessings)
  • adhesive bandages (1 large, 2 medium, and 1 small sized)
  • 2 butterfly closures
  • 1 sterile 2” x 2” gauze pad
  • 1 strip of 1″ adhesive tape (I place the strip onto a piece of cut plastic which I can fold and put into the kit. I recommend porous hypoallergenic tape such as Transpore or Durapore.)
  • one small square of moleskin
  • small folded paper cup
  • small folding scissors
  • razor blade
  • nail clippers
  • small pair of forceps
  • EDC sewing kit
  • waterproof matches
  • two alcohol wipes
  • one providone-iodine wipe
  • small packet of antibiotic ointment
  • After Cuts & Burns” antiseptic/anesthetic wipe
  • sting swab wipe
  • small packet of hydrocortisone cream
  • single dose packet of aspirin (for pain relief, heart attacks, ex. Bayer)
  • single dose packet of acetaminophen (for pain relief, ex. Tylenol)
  • single dose packet of children’s acetaminophen
  • small roll of antacid tablets (ex. Tums)
  • single dose of adult diarrhea remedy (ex. Imodium AD)
  • single dose of children’s diarrhea remedy (ex. Pepto-Bismol chewable tablets)
  • single dose of antihistamine tablets (ex. Benadryl)
  • one sore throat/cough drop
  • iodine pills (enough for a single dose for the entire family – Why carry these in an EDC? If an event occurred when it would be necessary to take iodine pills, they are best ingested as soon as one is possibly exposed in order for them to be the most effective.)
  • 2 water purification tablets
  • a strip thermometer
  • keychain light (or some other kind of EDC light)
  • first-aid information (small sheets with basic first-aid instructions, important phone numbers, important family medical histories, and insurance information)

Here is the whole package put together:

EDC First Aid Kit 2

As you can see, I was able to put a lot into a small package. You could do the same. If you can’t find a comparable canvas case, you could easily use a mint tin or even a small plastic zip bag. Whatever you choose to use, you could cover a wide variety of small issues with just this one EDC kit. This is not my whole EDC, mind you, but it is a very important part. Again, as said before, what one person chooses to carry as part of his or her EDC may not be a priority for the next person. What is important is that you need to decide what should be your priorities…and then go prepare for them.

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