May I Suggest Obtaining a New Prepper Skill? A Sense of Humor

As I had suggested a few weeks ago, making a New Year’s resolution to obtain a new prepper skill is an excellent idea.

May I suggest a good skill to obtain?

Get a sense of humor (that is, if you don’t have one already…)

I have been noticing the collective freak-out over the snowstorm that has gripped the East Coast of the U.S. this week. What is funny to me is that this storm put people in such a panic. Store shelves ran empty, gas ran low, and I was even surprised by this story of traffic stopping to a 5 hour standstill over one inch of snow. What to me is the most thought-provoking part about this storm is that any, (really…any,) future preparations that the population would have made before this storm would have alleviated everyone’s stress level.

This is where a good sense of humor comes in handy. Having a good sense of humor will help to reduce inflated stress levels.  According to this article from the Mayo Clinic, humor can help to alleviate stress by stimulating many of your internal organs, activating and relieving your stress responses, and by soothing tension. The article also goes on to say that humor has many long-term benefits as well. It can help to improve your immune system, relieve pain, increase your personal satisfaction, and improve your mood. Besides having the benefits of relieving stress, humor can also help anyone to think more clearly and more optimistically, and that goes a long way in any emergency. (To read more about how optimism and hope can help, read here.)

As for enjoying some light-hearted humor about this week’s storm, here are some memes to enjoy:

All kidding aside, for those of you who are caught up in this storm, here’s hoping that it will all pass over soon without too much difficulty. Keep your body warm, keep your head cool, and above all…stay safe!

And for those of you who are too easily offended by another’s sense of humor? May I suggest obtaining another preparedness skill: Don’t be so easily offended! Man, if anything would set you up for additional unnecessary stress, it’s that!!!

Be like this guy instead:


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