The Importance of Goals

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A goal not written down is just a wish…

I have personally found this saying to be true.

I have had many “goals” go unfulfilled throughout my life. I have let it happen enough times already that hopefully I have learned this lesson.

So in the spirit of setting goals for the upcoming New Year, I have taken some time to write down various goals related to preparedness. I have made some goals as varied as improving my family’s emcomm plan, expanding my garden, learning herbal healing skills, increasing our water storage, and improving my skills with firearms. If this sounds ambitious, this is only a sampling of what I plan to achieve in the New Year.

You may have the same goals, or you may have completely different ones. The only thing that matters is that you make a plan. Set some goals, and draw yourself a mental map. Here are some suggestions that may help:

Write down your goals! This does not need to be too involved (except for the thought behind it.) Just write it all down on a piece of paper, in a journal, in your smartphone, or in a computer file…whatever works best for you. Again, a goal not written down is just a wish…

Be realistic! Seriously consider how much time, money, and other resources you would likely be able to spend on reaching the goals you have in mind. I know as for myself, I would like to achieve so much more in a year, but realistically, I can’t…because I only have a limited amount of spare time and I don’t have a fat wallet. Your situation may be different then mine, but you still have limits to your resources…whatever those limits may be.

Break down your goals into little ones. This can help one feel like he or she is achieving some things rather than feeling burned out, frustrated, or overwhelmed by only looking at a really big picture.

Enjoy the ride! If you do not set goals which inspire you, you may be approaching it all wrong. Find a route to reach your destination in a manner that you will enjoy the scenery along the way. Burn out is a very real threat when trying to become more prepared. If you find yourself bored, change up the timeframe of your goals. If you find yourself overwhelmed, just slow down. All and all, the most important thing to do is to not stop prepping.   Just keep going.

So if you haven’t already, just take a few minutes to create a plan of how to best spend your precious resources of time, money, and other means during the upcoming New Year.

As said before, a goal not written down is just a wish.  Also, a journey without a map could lead you anywhere…including where you may not want to be.

So I hope you take a moment and make a plan on how to best spend the New Year. Here’s wishing you all a great 2016!!!


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