Prepared for a Curve Ball?

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Life threw me a curve ball this week. I was faced with the possibility of having cancer. Thankfully, I was rushed in for a biopsy and the results were that the mass was benign. I am aware there are many who go through this that are not so lucky…

Which brings me to the thought for this week…

You never know what could happen. Are you prepared for it?

There are many kinds of events that one should prepare for. Most of the time, life will give us common emergencies such as accidents, health issues, or financial troubles. Occasionally, we may face something less common such as a terrorist attack or a natural disaster. Besides preparing for those types of trials, we need to also prepare for the possibilities of life-altering events such as EMP’s, wars, or devastating health pandemics, (because you could not say with certainty that they will never happen!) True, I’m not really sure if one could be fully prepared for everything, but there is a lot that we could do to be in a better spot physically, financially, and emotionally when the storms come, (and they will come.) As for what I had just experienced, I had no idea, to be honest, that there was any cause to be concerned. I couldn’t even feel anything, and I am in overall good health. It was a routine mammogram that was the only thing that caught the issue. However, I can tell you that the news that I needed a biopsy took me by surprise, and that it was not what I wanted to hear. Thankfully, I feel that I was prepared enough in different ways to be able to calmly deal with whatever the results would be. I was determined to face the storm head on. Again, thankfully, it worked out in my favor.

You will face storms, too. What exactly they will be, I cannot say. What I can say is that there are many things you could be doing now to place yourself in a better position to be able to better cope with and survive them when those events come. Are you doing what you can to be prepared for them? Are you preparing physically, financially, and emotionally to be able to handle whatever may arise?

You never know what could happen. Are you prepared for it?


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