Another Easy Canning Recipe: Cranberry Orange Sauce

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The holidays are upon us, (YAY!) so I thought I would share another canning recipe. Besides being a traditional dish for holiday meals, this sauce tastes great with crackers or as a spread on turkey sandwiches. It’s easy, and it only requires a few ingredients. No added pectin is needed since the cranberries already have sufficient natural pectin within them.

You will need:

  • 2 bags of fresh or frozen cranberries (about 12 oz. each,) which is roughly equivalent to 6 cups
  • 2 large oranges
  • 1 ½ cups sugar
  • water

Cranberry OrangeAs for equipment, this recipe does use a bath canner. If you do not have one, an alternative is a large stock pot. If you use a stock pot, you must have a lid of some kind. (You will need some way of covering the boiling water to maintain temperature.) You must also have a rack which fits inside the pot to keep the glass jars from touching the bottom while processing. (They could break otherwise.) I have seen it suggested that one could use several canning jar rings wired together to meet this purpose, and I have also seen kitchen towels suggested as well.

For equipment, all you will need is the following:

  • a bath canner (or large stock pot – see notes above)
  • 3 half-pint jars with rings and new lids (You can reuse jars and rings, but it is best to use new lids each time you can, and in case you did not know, the lids can be purchased separately.)
  • a large 8 qt. (or larger) pot (and other pots for simmering the jars, rings and lids)
  • a jar holder
  • a magnet lid lifter
  • a ladle
  • a large canning funnel
  • a clean cloth or paper towels
  • a headspace/foam skimming tool
  • (Plus, you will need typical kitchen tools such as measuring cups, bowls, etc.)
  • I highly recommend using oven mitts while canning. Burns are no fun.

Here is the recipe:

Cranberry Orange Sauce Recipe

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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  1. This recipe is VERY tart, and the “orange” taste is very pronounced. If you prefer something sweeter, then cut back on the orange juice and add more sugar. Also cut back on the orange juice and use more water instead if you prefer less of an “orange” taste. You may also omit the orange zest for the same result.

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