The Lifesaving Tools of Optimism and Hope

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If you consider genuine survival situations, attitude makes a huge difference.

When faced with serious difficulties, it is very easy to feel daunted, depressed, or even defeated. Clearly, it is not easy, (or even expected,) for one to be happy if they were to ever find themselves in a personal, regional, or national emergency. It is completely normal to react to difficulties with concern, sadness, or even anger. However, I have never known sound solutions to rise from those states of mind. More often, having such mental states will hinder being able to work through whatever problems one may face. That is why we must balance those negative emotions with the lifesaving tools of optimism and hope.

Now, I’m not talking about blind optimism or unfounded hope here. I’m also not suggesting one should bury his or her head in the sand and gleefully wish any problems to disappear. Such mindsets are also not helpful.

What I am suggesting is that one would do well to approach such problems with “the glass is half-full’ attitude rather than “the glass is half-empty” one.

Why should it matter?

Well, in both cases, the glass has the same amount of whatever would be in it. In other words, the situation is the same either way you look at it. What makes up the difference is one’s perspective. In the case of “the glass is half-empty,” one may potentially fixate on not having the full amount of resources. They may focus on limited options, or they may feel slighted on not having an automatic full solution to whatever they are facing. In all these cases, they are focusing on what they don’t have rather than focusing on possible solutions based on what they do have. In the case of having the attitude that “the glass is half-full,” one comes from the perspective that they still have resources, and that, thus, they have a platform on which they could build their own creative solutions. In other words, they are in a better, more resourceful state. Such a mental outlook would be very desirable to have if you were to ever face a survival situation. Attitude alone can determine the outcome.

It is important that one should realize that one’s attitude can propel or defeat oneself. True, optimism and hope alone won’t save you, but if you count these two principles among your survival tools, you would be less likely to panic, despair, or to completely give up. Optimism and hope can help to balance out the negative emotions you would likely feel, and as a result, they could help you think through things more clearly in order to come up with lifesaving solutions. If anything, optimism and hope would give you the will to carry on, and that alone would make these “tools” worth having.


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