An Aerosol Alternative…

There are some modern-day conveniences that many of us would like to transfer into some form that is more self-sufficient and natural. This is especially true when it comes to food storage, preparation, and preservation.

One example is cooking spray. No doubt it is convenient, but I definitely wouldn’t label it as “self-sufficient” or “natural.” As far as I know, cans of cooking spray do not appear without the help of multiple factories, which is not exactly something that I could depend on to be around after TEOTWAWKI.

And then there is the health issue…

How good is cooking spray for you anyway?

Wikipedia defines cooking spray (as of the date of this post) as “a spray form of an oil as a lubricant, lecithin as an emulsifier, and a propellant such as food-grade alcohol, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide or propane.”

Digging a little deeper, I had found some sleuths at who dared to write and ask one of the big makers of cooking spray as to what exactly was in it. After a few vague responses, the manufacturers finally admitted that the propellant listed among its ingredients was butane and propane.

So the next time you hold a butane lighter, just picture that mixed with vegetable oil spayed onto your food…yum. (Not really.)

But there is an alternative. Not only is it an alternative that you could use with all natural ingredients, but it is a choice that is reusable, which makes it attractive to those people who seek more self-reliant methods of cooking…like a prepper.

It is called the Misto Sprayer.

It is either an aluminum or stainless steel canister which is hand-pumped to provide a pressurized mist much like an aerosol can…all without the need of propellants. All that is necessary is oil, (I like to use olive oil,) and the effort from you to pump the canister a few times to provide the pressure. It is easy to use, to clean and reuse again once it runs out of oil, (which, by the way, will last quite a while since only a small bit of oil is dispensed each time.) I have had one for years, and it has held up very well.  In fact, it still looks and works like new. In my opinion, it does a great job of replacing traditional cooking sprays.

Although I have not tried this device for anything else besides cooking, I do not see why the Misto Sprayer could not be used to replace other aerosol can products as well. I could see this being possibly used for things such as water, essential oil mixtures, natural cleaning recipes, gun lubricant, etc. Of course, if you choose to try this with a non-food item like gun lubricant, don’t use the same canister for cooking. 😉 I would label it clearly so that there is no mistake.

The Misto Sprayer canister is just one example of the many products that are out there that the prepper could use to replace modern-day conveniences with something that is more self-reliant and nature-friendly. If this kind of thing appeals to you to have as part of your preps, it may be worth a try.

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