Tin Foil Hat Syndrome

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I agree that there is a lot to be concerned about in our world. All one needs to do is to turn on the news or casually browse the internet to see why.


There is a point where one is so consumed about possible bad outcomes that it literally seizes one’s life. They become trapped in their imaginations of what negative things could happen in the future, and they do this so much so that they completely forget there is a present. This is what I refer to when I say “Tin Foil Hat Syndrome.”

Others use that phrase to describe anyone who believes in any conspiracy theory, or even to describe anyone who prepares for possible catastrophes in the future, personal or wide-spread. I think that’s too simplistic of a definition. Why? Because I believe most people believe in some form of conspiracies whether they admit to it or not. (I believe to deny that is to be completely naive of history and of human nature.) I also believe it is terribly stupid to mock those who prepare for the future. Bad things can and do happen…period…and time and time again, if something happens, the ones who have prepared suddenly do not seem so crazy after all.

But there are those in society, (and yes, in the prepping community,) that I meet that are so infatuated with far-out ideas that they seem unable to hold normal relationships and to be able to lead a happy life. That, people, is a problem.

Yes, I believe in some conspiracies. I also prepare for possible catastrophes in the future. Nevertheless, I do not believe there are lizard people living underneath my feet in a Hollow Earth. I do not believe that Hitler is/was living there either. I do not believe that the earth is flat (yes…apparently some still do,) and I also do not believe that “Shark Week” was thought up by the government to keep people out of the water.

As for the truth about Justin Bieber though? HA! Who knows? 😉

It’s true that most preppers do not believe in such far-flung ideas either. The more common issue with preppers is with those who are so concerned about what could happen in the future that they are unable to enjoy the present. The truth is, these individuals need to broaden their outlook on things. They need more balance. They must remember that there is a today to live, and they need to know that there are still good things to enjoy in this world of ours. Whatever you believe may happen, the thing I ask of you is to not forget the reality of NOW. Go enjoy loved ones! Go enjoy hobbies! Get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Yes, prepping can indeed be a demanding lifestyle, and there is a lot do and learn…but you can find ways to enjoy those skills and to enjoy life now. Don’t let your concern for the future rob your present. I believe if you do so, you will regret it just as much, if not more so, than if you did not prepare for the future.


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