Do you believe in practice…or luck?

Have you practiced your preparedness skills lately?

Do you even feel the need to practice?

If you don’t, you are mistaken.

Skills must be practiced. Period.

I once saw a YouTube video which featured someone showing off their “preps.” One thing he demonstrated was his storage of his emergency communications equipment. In preparation for an EMP event, this person had sealed his radios away in multiple layers of plastic wrap and then hid them in metal bins…put away…until the day that he believes he may possibly need them.

Here is the problem. It’s not that he was taking precautions for a possible EMP. (That’s actually a good thing.) It was that his communications equipment was sealed away…nowhere to be found in everyday use.

You may believe that you may be able to just unpack and pick up your equipment and operate with no problems. Unless you have doubles of all your equipment with some already in daily use, or if you’re freaking genius with a photographic memory, good luck. Seriously…GOOD LUCK.

In all my experiences with preparedness skills such as ham radio, gardening, or with really any other skill for that matter, it’s a matter of “use them or lose them.” If you do not practice your skills on a regular basis, you will not be up to the task. Sure, you may be able to “relearn” those skills, but if you were ever in the position when you needed to call upon those abilities, why would you want to be in that disadvantaged position? The stress alone of a catastrophic event may be enough to cloud one’s ability to remember anything. Have you ever tested your abilities on the fly? It’s not easy, even if you use those skills routinely.

So this weekend, do yourself a favor. Go out and practice!

Leave the luck to leprechauns…

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