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Do you store butter?

Fats are one of the essentials to store in a long-term food storage plan. Examples of different kinds of fats to store would be oils, shortening, lard, nut butters, mayonnaise, and, of course, butter. It is necessary to store fats, but the logistics of that are not so easy. This is because fats usually go bad…fast…when compared to other food storage basics.

So filling out one’s food storage plan can be a little challenging here. I’ll admit…one of the food storage mistakes I have made was that I once tried to store a year’s supply of fats without rotating them into regular use. You guessed it…one smelly waste of money.  So I changed my approach on how I store fats, and so far it seems to be working. Now, I try to generally store that which I know I will use and regularly rotate.

This includes butter.

I like real butter.

To me, it’s like the bacon of the dairy world. It may get a bad rap from some, but in my opinion, no substitutes taste as good.

So, naturally, I choose to store butter as part of my food storage plan.

One can store butter in a variety of ways. Of course, if you have livestock animals that provide milk, and if you know how to make butter (which is extremely easy to do so,) then you really don’t have the need to store that much. As for the rest of us, we can freeze butter, which will keep for about a year, or we can store canned butter, which will likely last much longer.

Canned butter can be found in three ways: powdered, canned fresh on your own, or canned by a producer. Powdered butter is a convenient way to store butter long-term, and I do store some, but I have found it is much easier to rotate and use butter in the form that I am familiar with…I prefer butter to look and behave…well…like butter. As for canning fresh butter at home, there is disagreement on how safe it is to do that, (allegedly because of the possibility of botulism,) so I avoid that option. So I have relied, instead, on trying to find a good off-the-shelf canned butter that can be stored.

Red Feather picI found one…Red Feather Butter.

Red Feather Butter is a product of Australia by Ballantyne Foods. It is 100% natural with its only ingredients being cream and salt. That’s it.  It’s just plain, simple butter. I do not know if it is considered organic, but the cows which provide the milk are grass-fed by free range …so Red Feather Butter is non-GMO.

As for the taste? Well…since it is real butter…it tastes, looks, and acts like real butter. (Delicious!)

How long does it store? For its use as a long-term storage item, the company guarantees a two-year expiration. However, they also officially state “There is no Expiration Date written in stone…the actual shelf life of the butter will ultimately be determined by the storage conditions”.   I have read many testimonials of Red Feather Butter lasting for years…upwards to a decade or more.

The only downside to Red Feather Butter is the cost. I have seen it for sale as much as about $13 U.S. dollars for a 12 oz can. That’s a lot for butter. Thankfully, it is also available from some suppliers for about half that price, and let’s face it, real butter at the store is not that cheap anyway. Plus, I am buying this for its storage properties, not for instant gratification.

So, there you have it. If you are looking to add real butter to your food storage plan, I definitely recommend Red Feather Butter. I personally feel its cost is outweighed by its many benefits. Plus, being real butter, it is easily rotated into your regular diet, thus diminishing the chances of it going bad before it is used.

It is an excellent food storage choice.


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