Introductions please……..

Greetings! Good to meet you all! If you found me, then welcome! If you have any interest on what a petite-sized prepper could offer, then please read on…

I had the idea of this blog, not because there is not quality prepper content out there, but because I feel I have my own thoughts to put on the table.  First…I’m female, which may lend itself to a different point of view then some may consider.  Second, I firmly believe there is more to prepare for than a zombie apocalypse.  Really…. there is.  Preparedness is a broad topic…..and one who ponders prepper particulars would be wise to see the larger picture.  For example, you should know how to grow your own food.  (That should be obvious)…. but how many of you know how to watch and predict the weather? (After all, that does have a lot to do with growing food.)  Other examples?  How many of you know basic sewing skills, soap-making, or even blacksmithing?  Hey, in the age of microwaves, I bet some of you may not even know how to cook!  All these things and more are part of the larger picture of preparedness.  This blog will still have bug-out bags, backpacking, and bullets, but I intend on focusing on how to live on long after any world-altering event.  Besides…. we all need to be prepared to survive long after all the zombies are gone….

Got something to say???