When you would need to “bug in”…

I didn’t feel great last week…whatever got to me had brought me to the point where I felt too weak to even walk at a normal pace. (It could have been as simple as a lack of sleep for all I know.) Anyway, this all had me thinking, “What if something dire were to happen, and I was too weak to bug out by foot?” Of course, I’m assuming a situation when one would feel that this would be necessary. It’s important to note that in many circumstances, it wouldn’t be needed, or even recommended. In any case, it is a valid question…and a scenario that one should plan for.

My thoughts on it were that one would probably have to survive by “bugging in” for the time being. In the meantime, one would have to rely on those around them for protection.

This presents another question: “What kind of people should one choose to have around them in a disaster or if society breaks down?”

I believe this leads one to realize the usefulness of a “prepper group.” This group may mean different things to different people. Now, your group may consist of you and your family, a neighborhood block group, or it may consist of a squad of zombie-killing mercenaries ready to take on the apocalypse. Whoever you have around you, it would be important that you examine your potential dependence on them and to make sure they share necessary survival skills also.

So…to assist you in preparing for an event when you would need to “bug in” and depend on others, here are some suggestions:

  1. Have enough supplies on hand that you would need to survive where you would most likely “bug in.” This would be all the necessary food, water, sanitation supplies, etc. for you and your group. This, of course, is elementary preparedness.
  2. Have the tools and supplies necessary to defend yourself and your group. That should be without saying since there are people out there with attitudes and plans for survival that truly suck. Also, consider what plans you have to guard your perimeters. Also, how do you plan to operate and subsist so that you do not attract unwelcome attention?
  3. Examine your relationships with those you plan to rely on. Trust matters here…immensely. For example, I’ll admit that I don’t always think fast under pressure…but my husband does…and we have the relationship where I know I could trust his judgment calls. As for you, do you trust everyone that would be around you? Why or why not? Would those around you support…or hinder? It would be wise to consider all of this before your life would be dependent on the actions of others. Examine each relationship closely and determine what plans should be in place to help the group operate safely and smoothly. Improve and build upon your relationships as needed.
  4. Be physically fit and in good health…as much as you are capable. Being so would not only increase your abilities and stamina, but it would also help you prevent injuries, fend off illnesses, and overcome infections more quickly.
  5. Be mentally and emotionally fit. This is just as important, if not more so, than your physical health. Your mental and emotional well-being will determine how well you respond to events and how sound your decisions will be in response to them. This should be the goal, of course, for everyone in your group.
  6. Know and practice necessary survival skills. Know what to do and how to do it. It is also best if this knowledge was shared within the group. That way, if one skilled person was incapacitated, there would be another who could provide the same services to the group.

These are just a few thoughts on what to do to prepare for “bugging in” if you found yourself too weak, (or unable or any reason really,) to evacuate. You must determine for yourself what your actual needs are for you and your group. The important thing to remember is that there are many situations when you are far more likely to need to “bug in” than to “bug out” anyway. All these preparations should be in place regardless of the circumstances.

So… have you considered what you need to do?

Are you prepared?

Got something to say???