ITU Alphabet Bookmarks

I’ve neglected you all for far too long…

It’s been awhile since I posted last.  (Bad petite…BAAAAD petite…)  Truth be told, my real life took precedence over my virtual one.

Anyway…in the interest of bringing you some new content to ponder, it’s back to business…

In my exploits into emergency communications, I find that having references on hand helps me tremendously.  I simply just can’t remember everything all of the time.  Just…can’t…do…it.

So I make references for myself to have on hand if and when my brain decides to have a blank moment…which seems to happen more often as I get older. (*sigh*)

Here is one of those references.  It is a bookmark displaying the ITU alphabet.  Feel free to print a copy.  You may print as many as you would like.  The only thing I ask is that you do not make a profit off of these.  Fair enough, right?

Enjoy…and 73’s


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  1. You’re not alone. I’ve become an avid list maker. Thanks for the bookmarks!! I’ll print them out!

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