How to Survive Black Friday

This post is more tongue-in-cheek than anything, but in seriousness, people can get real stupid real fast on Black Friday.  Black Friday, if you are not aware of it, is an American phenomenon where thousands of deal-seekers amass into stores trying to score insane bargains, popular toys, and cheap TV’s.  It looks like this at its worst:

or this…

Ya…it’s that  kind of special unrelenting purgatory.

I really don’t know why people put themselves into the middle of it.  No flatscreen is worth that to me. Thank you.


To survive this horrible excuse to spend money “just because,” I recommend the following:

Be alert at all times.

Again, be alert…be diligent.  You never know when a crazy person will decide that they have to have your stuff in your cart, basket, hand, etc.

If things start to get a little out of hand, just leave.  No…really…no deal is worth comprising your safety.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Some deals may be worth waiting in line for…for hours…in the cold…at 4 o’clock in the morning, (although I personally can’t think of any,) just use your most important asset:  your head.

Happy Black Friday Shopping!!!   …  (if you insist…)

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  1. I almost got away with avoiding it but my husband, of all people, wanted me to go to the outlet mall. Luckily the crowds had dissipated after the Thanksgiving night rush. I can’t believe stores are now open on Thanksgiving so employees have to be there. So sad!

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