6 Reasons Why You Should Include Light Sticks In Your Preps


Halloween is about upon us, and along with costumes and pumpkin-flavored everything, light-sticks are for sale just about everywhere.  This is a good time of year to stock up on these things, but why should one do so to begin with?

Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Light sticks can provide an instant form of emergency lighting. – Just a quick snap and shake, and they work.  Simple…which is an excellent quality for equipment in any emergency.
  1. No additional power sources are necessary to operate. Since light sticks produce light from a chemical reaction, there is no need for extra batteries, solar panels, AC or DC power.
  1. They are light-weight. – Carrying one or two in a bug-out bag should not be a problem.
  1. Light sticks are cheap. – You can get them at just about any discount store.  Even the higher-grade industrial ones are only a few dollars apiece.
  1. They are one of the few, safe light sources one can use if you suspect a gas leak. – Flashlights, candles, and other forms of lighting risk setting off fires due to sparks in this kind of scenario.
  1. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. – Do you need to differentiate entrances and exits?  No problem.  Do you need to communicate using different colors as a code?  You could do that, too.  Do you need a light source which is flexible like a rope?  There are rope-like “light necklaces” available on the market everywhere.  Also, different colors have different strengths.  For example, white, yellow, and green tend to burn brightest, and red is best to use to preserve one’s night vision.

These reasons are just a sample of the advantages of including light sticks in your preps.  Also, it is good to keep in mind that light sticks have a shelf life of about 1-4 years (depending on the quality.)  So, if you already have light sticks among your emergency gear, make sure that they are rotated out every so often to ensure that they would work when you would need them to.

Here is another consideration.  Some may think that using a light stick would be unwise since you can’t turn it off.  One may worry about giving away his or her position in a tactical situation.  Yes, that is a justifiable concern.  However, there are shields on the market for light sticks which could help one with this dilemma.

Also be aware that some burn longer than others.  Some burn for 12 hours or more, while some will begin to fade quickly with the result of only lasting an hour or two.  Weigh your needs for lighting before you choose which ones to buy.

Light sticks are an easy addition to anyone’s preps.  As I said, they are on sale everywhere this time of year.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up a few.

Happy Halloween!!!

Here is a fun idea for using light sticks for a Halloween decoration from the blog rustandsunshine.com.




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