Build a Prepper Library

Prepper Library pic1We live in a digital world in an information age. Just about anything we want learn is available within reach of a search engine. Do you need advice on a skill? Read a forum about online it. Do you need an instruction manual for something? Find a pdf. Do you need a tutorial? Watch YouTube. Basically, if we need information, it usually is only a few key strokes away. But what if all of a sudden it wasn’t? What if you could no longer access the internet? I suppose you could say you might have some information stored on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. But what if those things failed to work as well? What would you do? Where would you go then to get the information you needed?

Things can and do happen. In fact, just last week, the internet went down for a day for a great portion of Arizona just because someone severed a major cable. That was just for a day, but what if the emergency was longer? What if it were months, or even years, for the internet to work smoothly again? It would be impossible to have something as vast as the information on the internet at your disposal if the digital infrastructure stopped working. The solution? Have the valuable information that you think you might need to be prepared for such times. Build a prepper library.

What should be included in a prepper library?

Anything you think you could use.

Although that answer is really up to you, here are some suggestions:

  • References: Gather books, periodicals, pdf’s and so forth that instruct on basic survival and homesteading skills. Included here would be how-to books for gardening, gunsmithing, knitting, cooking, bushcraft, nutrition, wilderness survival, knot making, livestock, candle making, first aid, and whatever other skill you think you would need or could find to be useful.
  • Recipes: Besides family recipes, store recipes for basic food stuffs like breads, condiments, spice mixes, soup stocks, crackers, and other things that are normally bought at the store. Think, “what recipes would I need if I had to make everything myself?”
  • Maps: It would be wise to store a variety of maps including road maps and detailed topographical maps.
  • Instructional patterns: Store patterns for things such as clothing, furniture, permanent shelters, or anything that would require a detailed schematic to put together.
  • Personal and family records: In an age when we tend to store most important records digitally, be certain to have paper copies of all important personal and family documents. This would include legal certificates, financial records and account information, phone/contact lists (don’t depend only on your phone for this,) medical records, genealogies, etc.
  • Books for your faith: In my opinion, it is very important to have materials on hand to strengthen one’s self if and when difficulties arise. I would make sure that you would have some kind of written material available to you to help you through the extreme spiritual and mental trials that you could face.
  • Educational materials for children: What if the schools were closed for some time? Do you have materials on hand that you could use to further your children’s education? If this situation is a possibility, consider storing some books, teaching supplies, etc. to educate your children, or maybe even grandchildren, at home.
  • Diversionary materials: Just as storing books related to your faith could help you through difficult times, diversionary items such as fiction books and games could help one cope better if needed. Make sure to include diversionary materials for children as well, if applicable.

This list is not exhaustive. It is really up to you to decide what information is a high enough priority to store for an emergency if the only source of information you would have would be your library on hand. True, you could, and probably would, obtain information from others in your family or preparedness group, but in the true spirit of preparedness, the more resources that you store to have available to you if the need should arise, the better.


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