Homemade Stamp Ink Pads

A few weeks ago, I discussed how storing a variety of rubber stamps could be beneficial to preparedness and homesteading efforts.  To follow up with that, this post will instruct on how to make your own stamp pads to use with those stamps.

Now, if you have stamp pads already, great.  No problem, then.  But this post assumes a scenario when you would have to come up with your own supplies.  This could be due to an emergency situation, supply constraints, or just simply household budget concerns.  On another note, maybe you just wish to use all natural ingredients.  Whatever the reason, if you wish to learn how to make your own stamp ink pads, then read on.

There are several ways to make your own stamp pads.  Each requires an air-tight container with a lid.  This could a plastic soap box, an empty plastic food container, a small dollar-store storage tub, or whatever.  Most methods also require everyday kitchen tools such as mixing bowls, measuring spoons, etc.  Although not necessary, plastic gloves may help deal with any messes made in the process.  Here are a couple of methods I have used that I wish to share:

paint-stamp-padMethod #1

  • Paint (poster, tempera, or acrylic)
  • Water
  • Cheap kitchen or cleaning sponge (without a scouring pad attached)

Simply pour enough paint to soak the sponge and add a little water to thin if necessary.  Store in an air-tight container.  You could also store the sponge in a zip-lock bag. Easy.  Done.

Method #2

  • Homemade ink
  • Piece of felt (or “Cut-N-Dry” felt /foam)

Follow whatever directions you desire to make homemade ink.  Cut a piece of felt to match whatever plastic container you chose to use, and place it in the container.   (Another option is to use “Cut-N-Dry” felt or foam which is found at craft stores.  It is specially designed for making your own ink pads.)  Pour ink onto the felt or pad. (Pour just enough to soak the felt.  There should not be standing liquid in the container.)  Store how you would normally keep the homemade ink you chose to use.

The nice thing about making your own stamp pads is that you can completely customize the colors and sizes of the pads you wish to use.

Have any other hints or suggestions?  Please share!



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