An Example of a Disaster: The Flooding in Louisiana

I have often heard it said by some that preppers are paranoid fanatics who always think the sky is falling.  It is only after these skeptics experience some kind of terrible emergency that they change their tune.

The recent flooding in Louisiana is an unfortunate example of this kind of experience.

I feel sadness for those in Baton Rouge and the surrounding communities in Louisiana who have suffered so much from the recent flooding.  There have been at least 13 lives lost and up to 110,000 homes damaged or destroyed.1  That accounts for roughly 31% of the homes in that community.  Surely, the need is great.  There are many people, charities, and so forth that are helping, but those affected need so much more. This all serves as an illustration for the need of personal and community preparedness.  One never knows when a disaster may strike, and I’m sure many in Louisiana were caught unprepared.  To see just how bad the flooding was, just take a look at the videos below.

If you have the means, please consider visiting websites such as the Red Cross to see how you can help.  The New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune also has a website with multiple ways you can assist.

As I said before, one never knows when a disaster may strike.  This is why the time to prepare is now.  If you believe preparedness is only for the paranoid, please reconsider before it’s too late.



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