Happy Halloween!!!

A Halloween post on a preparedness blog may seem like an odd idea at first, but let me explain why I don’t think so. Times of distress and difficultly could arise from anything such as a natural disasters, financial emergencies, or even catastrophic political events. These events which prompt us to prepare may be wide in scale, but more often than not, they occur on a more personal level, such as a severe storm, or loss of employment. In times such as these, whether personal or wide-spread, I find comfort in small things such as holidays and observing family traditions. I especially believe it may be beneficial to use such occasions to help ease the distress of children, or others around you, who may be acutely sensitive to their world being turned upside-down. Such observances need not be stressful or taxing when one would likely have limited resources. So I have taken some thought to come up with ideas on how I could continue to enjoy holidays and special occasions with my family with what I would likely have on hand in times of an emergency.

So here’s an easy one……popcorn.

I don’t know why I associate popcorn with Halloween, but I do. It’s probably the idea of popcorn balls at parties often held this time of year. The great thing about popcorn and preparedness is that is very easy to store….and very easy to make!

I store popcorn kernels as part of my emergency food storage. If stored properly, kernels can last for years. Besides using them for popping popcorn, popcorn kernels can also be ground into cornmeal, which, of course, has its own numerous culinary uses. In my view, just the ability to have cornmeal for food alone is worth the effort to store popcorn. However, I think cornmeal is not as fun as popcorn… 😉

To pop popcorn, you do not need fancy countertop appliances, microwaves, or even electricity. You just need a little bit of cooking oil, (which you should have as part of your food storage anyway,) and a pot with a lid. I went one step further and purchased a non-electric stovetop popcorn popper. These items just need a heat source such as a stove or a small campfire. I looked into several models and settled on one made by Lindy’s™. The reasons I chose this one over others is that it is stainless steel, and it has all metal gears. This was important to me because I try to avoid cooking with aluminum, and I noticed many of these poppers have plastic gears which I envision could easily break. (When I buy things for preparedness purposes, I buy with the intention that such things should take a beating and last for years, not for just a few occasions.)

The first time I used this popcorn popper was today. The result? Awesome…and super easy! It only requires two tablespoons of oil and a half-cup of kernels to make a pan full of popcorn. See for yourself:Popcorn Halloween Pic

You could also add butter, (or butter powder,) cheese powder, or other flavorings you may have on hand as part of your food storage. Any of these would make a fine batch of edible goodness, and any batch of edible goodness could ease the strains of whatever situation we may face. Anything simple that helps us in times of need is, in my opinion, worth adding to our preparations.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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